GT World is a German trading company of cosmetic and beauty products for all skin tones and hair textures, especially afro beauty products. Operating on the market since 1985, we have become Europe's leading supplier of African-American beauty products, with stores in Belgium, Paris and throughout Germany.
From makeup to skin and hair care products, wigs or extensions, whether real or synthetic hair. We offer everything related to beauty! So whatever you are looking for, you will find it at GT-World of Beauty. And what we pride ourselves on is that typically, orders placed through online shopping are delivered to our customers the next business day, from the day the order is placed.
If you own a salon, a store or if the products you want are for your personal use, we would be happy to help you and offer you
the products you want from our wide selection and our offers. Contact us at, we would be happy to speak with you about this.

Our history
Since 1985, we have always believed in diversity and the praise of beauty, which is why - we - at GT provide you with all the products coveted African Americans, from hair care to skin care

Get to know our calendar!

1985 GT was founded
Based in Frankfurt am Main, our founder Girmai Teclai opened a cosmetics store under the name GT World of Beauty.

1986 The way of import
GT-World started to import cosmetic products from Europe and wholesale all kinds of European products.

1988 Expansion
GT-World of Beauty expands its commercial territory and obtains exclusive distribution rights for Germany and Europe from numerous suppliers and big names beyond -sea!
Here are some of our main partners for our afro products: LUSTER, DAX, CARSON, SOFT SHEEN, PROLINE, JOHNSONS.

1989 Conversion to Ltd.
Increased sales necessitated conversion to a limited company, and that is what happened!

1990 Refocusing on imports and exports
We have reoriented our activity towards the import and export of exclusive international brands in the cosmetics sector, particularly Afro products.

1990 Shedding light on the changes of imports and exports
We focused our business on the imports and exports of exclusive international brands in the cosmetics sector, especially Afro products.

1990 The Berlin store
we establish our valuable Berlin branch

1993 The Nuremberg store
You have it you guessed, it's the opening of the Nuremberg branch

1996 The Stuttgart store
Another branch opens again: The Stuttgart store.

2000 New headquarters on the way
We have started construction of the new company headquarters in Gelnhausen.
The new building is characterized by a large showroom and a generously sized warehouse.

2001 GT has a new home
In the spring of 2001, GT finally moved to its new premises, which allowed us to offer an even better and faster service.

The 2002 hiring frenzy
GT World employs more than 30 people on four sites.

2004 the big year!
Relaunch of the website and the Brussels branch.
The digital world kicked in, and we happily adapted, online shopping at GT became available.
In November of the same year, we opened a new store in Brussels.

2008 Introduction to Profix Organics
Profix Organics, our new exclusive skincare range specially designed for people of color with dark skin, is launched on the market.
Profix Organics offers a wide selection of cosmetic products for personal hair care as well as the treatment of hairpieces and wigs. Each product in the Profix Organics collection is perfectly suited and complements each other perfectly.

Extension of storage in 2009
The existing storage area is more than doubled!

2010 Another great year:

Opening of the Antwerp branch and relocation in March.
In September, GT Frankfurt transfers to large rooms at the main station.

2011 The first in-house exhibition
Trade fair: The first in-house exhibition of African-American cosmetics in Germany takes place at GT World in Gelnhausen. More than 30 exhibitors from the United States and Europe present their products to our customers.

2012 The Anderlecht store
the opening of the GT agency in Anderlecht in June.

2013 Now in Liège, Belgium.
We opened our first store in Liège

2014 The Paris store
In March, we celebrated the first French GT World in Paris!