The core values ​​of GT World of Beauty Sarl indicate how responsibility is assumed in a team and how cooperation works.The core values ​​of GT World of Beauty Sarl are:

1. Goal OrientationThe goal orientation and actions of GT World of Beauty Sarl are explained in the mission and vision statements below. GT World of Beauty Sarl always acts in a targeted manner and on the basis of the long-term strategic goal of international business expansion.

2. RespectThe co-design of processes by different stakeholder groups is decisive for the success of GT World of Beauty Sarl. Respect is demonstrated towards all internal and external stakeholder groups to ensure long-term business success by building excellent relationships with other stakeholders.

3. TransparencyTransparency towards customers, employees, suppliers, the state and the public is important to GT World of Beauty Sarl in order to increase trust in these groups. The transparency of the structure and organization of the processes for the different interest groups must therefore be maintained.

4. PrecisionThe precise and careful work of the company is reflected in the individual departments and in the relationships with the different actors. GT World of Beauty Sarl follows a precise working method in all business processes, from production to marketing and sales.

5. AuthenticityThe authenticity of GT World of Beauty Sarl is reflected in the mentality, employees and management, who represent the company and its own brands to the outside world. Authenticity is revolutionary for GT World of Beauty Sarl to strengthen company brands and build stakeholder loyalty and trust.

6. InnovationContinuous innovation in all areas of the business is encouraged by the company. Innovation is deeply ingrained in the company culture, and employees are motivated and empowered to independently propose process improvements. Innovation translates into the improvement and adaptation of business processes and the improvement of products and methods for the further development of these products based on the latest market trends in order to always offer the best to customers.