La rentrée: Comment soigner les cheveux bouclés d’enfant ?

La rentrée

How to take care of children's curly hair?

How to moisturize children's curly hair?

What products for curly hair?

It's back to school, how do I take care of my daughter's curly hair?

First of all, I would like to remind you and tell all mothers that you are a hero!

If you have children with curly hair and you don't know how to take care of them, how to comb them and what products to use, then you are in the right place and in good hands.

Kids with frizzy hair are sure to stand out among the crowd of straight-haired girls. And hearing a lot of comments like “Is she naturally curly?” “How do you control it?” “Are you using a specific product”?

cheveux bouclésThe nature of curly hair is beautiful and looks different, but at the same time it can be difficult to manage. They tend to frizz and get tangled often. Mothers of children with curly hair sometimes need to consider specific products, styles and techniques to tame their curls.

But first, let me explain in detail to you, dear mom, the right routine that you should follow for your children's curly hair.

Routine for your child's curly hair

cheveux bouclés d’enfantStep 1: shampoo

Let's honestly say that there is no shampoo that cleans curls without stripping their natural oils. So my advice is to only wash your child's hair once a week, because curly hair likes humidity and shampoo often leaves the hair very dry.

Step 2: the mask

Hydration is the secret to the success of your children's curly hair! The best time to apply this moisturizing lotion is bath time so you can easily rinse your children's hair. Simply put the mask and shower cap on your child's head and let them play for 15 minutes before rinsing the mask well.

Step 3: Conditioner

I consider conditioner to be one of the most important products for hair because it moisturizes it and helps it smooth. So I feel like my hair thanks me when I wash it with conditioner! It smells great, it has safe ingredients, and it conditions our daughter's hair perfectly. Just leave it on for three minutes, then rinse it well.

coiffer les cheveux crépus de mon enfant

Step 4: Comb/Brush

 Never brush your children's curly hair when it is dry or without conditioner! The only time to brush curly hair is when it is wet, to detangle it and brush it from the bottom up. In other words, you untangle the end of the braid first, then work your way to the root. We also used a wide tooth comb or our fingers to get through the tangles.

Step 5: Cream

By choosing a styling cream suitable for your children's hair, you will make it more manageable and make styling and detangling easier. The cream defines curls and maintains them throughout the day.

Last look

Finally, let your children's hair air dry without the intervention of a hair dryer, this can take a few hours, so try to shower early in the day.

Thanks to this natural routine, your child's curly hair will be hydrated, strengthened and look healthier for the curls.

After finishing our curly hair routine for kids, let me give you some mommy tips and tricks for caring for curly hair.

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Curly Hair Care Tips for Kids

Moisture is your friend

Curly hair can be very dry and noticeable, so it must be moisturized strongly and with products adapted to the type of curly hair. Focusing on moisture retention makes hair healthier and encourages the appearance of curls.

Say no to alcohol

Never use a product containing kohl, especially on children's curly hair. As alcohol deprives threads of essential moisture, I advise you to avoid it completely.

La rentrée à l'école

Water spray

To get natural, vibrant hair back on day two, use a spray bottle with water and more conditioner or cream to shape the curls.

Never detangle dry hair

Never, ever, ever comb curly hair and only try to detangle it when it is wet and has conditioner in it. You can detangle curly hair even with your hand.

Use the brush from tip to root

Follow this method of always combing curly hair starting from the bottom of your child's hair and working towards the roots. This will strengthen the hair and help detangle it easily.

Wash less often

Excessive hair washing makes curly hair dry and dull because, as we mentioned, curly and frizzy hair needs more moisture. They can be washed once or twice a week to protect them from damage and dryness.

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Johnson's Conditioner

Use Johnson's Leave-In Conditioner. I work from bottom to top, making sure to moisturize the ends of the hair.

Say no to the towel

Never use a regular towel to dry curly hair, as this causes frizz.

Heat is not your friend

Heat destroys any hair, but especially the curly flame, it really kills it! Heat damages frizz, making it dry, wiry and difficult to manage afterward.

Now that we know the routine and some tips for your child's curly hair, they are now ready for back to school.

But let me also introduce you to some magical products for curly hair to help you with this routine.

Curly hair products for children

soins des cheveux bouclés pour les enfants

I will recommend products for curly hair so that your child is ready for the school year.

  1. Aunt Jackie's Girls Curling and Twist Curls
  2. Soft & Beautiful Just for Me!
  3. Dark & ​​Lovely| Curl Softener Kit
  4. Dark & ​​Lovely| Ouchless Detangler
  5. Taliah Waajid| for children
  6. Just for Me Nourishing Butter
  7. Just for Me Detangling Conditioner
  8. Just for Me Detangling Shampoo
  9. ORS Coco and shea Twist & Curl cream for children
  10. Kinky-Curly Curling Custard original
  11. Activilong actikids Curl cream
  12. Cantu edge Gel
  13. Cantu child care Curling Cream

Quick tips for your children

La rentrée
  1. Use wide-toothed combs
  2. Do not brush dry, curly hair
  3. Use a silk pillowcase
  4. In the evening, put curly hair in one or more braids.
  5. Hydration, hydration, hydration!
  6. Drink plenty of water.
  7. Never use heat.

In the end, GT hopes that it really helped you with some of these tips, tricks and products for your child. I think you and your curly-haired kids are now ready to go back to school worry-free!

Little reminder, you can find all these products mentioned in our boutique online, don't miss them!

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